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How we helped improve efficiency at the Queen Elizabeth's Girls School

Part of the school infrastructure dates back to the 1880s and whilst not quite as old, the original telephone system was in a poor state of repair with limited functionality.

The existing telephone system quite simply couldn’t handle the volume of incoming calls, especially in the mornings when parents called in to report absences. Any callers that managed to get through without hearing the engaged tone would be subjected to a long list of forwarding options. There was no facility to leave a message and, as a result, most calls were referred to the reception office. The handsets themselves were also old and in poor repair. Call quality was crackly; using the telephone was a rather unpleasant experience!
The school desperately needed a system that would give the school receptionists visibility of the line status and control over call routing. By incorporating digital features such as call forwarding, hunt groups and messaging, the system would enable calls to be handled far more efficiently.