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How our workforce mobilisation driver helped the New York Times

The London Bureau Ltd is the London office of the New York Times. The purpose of the business is to act as the base for the journalists deployed in the UK, who then provide the head office in New York with stories and reports for publication.

The solution has improved productivity within the office quite significantly in replacing the antiquated telephone system with a slick, modern IP solution. The new system was put to the test soon after installation when the 2012 Olympics were hosted in London. Suddenly, the London Bureau went from being a small branch of the New York Times with a handful of staff, to a major communications hub as reporters swooped in to cover the events and feed the information back to headquarters. Even under this workload, the system performed flawlessly. Losing the bulky equipment that the old system relied on created more space within the office – much more comfortable for everyone based there! Current, up-to-date news can now be relayed back to New York using current, up-to-date telephony.