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Mobile device leasing

Simon Fort
Mobile Product Marketing Manager

Smartphones and tablets are the must have devices in business but the cost of mobile hardware is not cheap.

The average new device is in excess of £400, multiply this by the number of people in your valuable workforce and we’re talking thousands of pounds. Furthermore, most high end models are refreshed every year with the latest, must have, specifications and applications.

Getting tied into a two or three year mobile contract to get the latest devices isn’t necessarily the smart option anymore. So would you consider leasing and are you aware of the benefits?

Leasing is extremely flexible and financially savvy

It gives you greater control of your device choice and mobile airtime tariff. Because the device and tariff are independent of each other, you can choose the devices you want and the mobile tariffs that are most cost effective for your business needs. With short-term lease agreements and flexible end of term options, including device ownership, keeping your kit at the end isn’t a problem. Leasing also protects your working capital and removes upfront Capex liability – you can also include the cost of software and accessories in the lease. Leasing is tax deductible with tax benefits of up to 20%.

As the costs of smartphones and tablets increases, leasing has now become an extremely attractive and viable option. If you’re considering refreshing your fleet of phones or tablets then talk to Nine Telecom about Mobile Leasing.

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