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Phone Manager, version 5 FREE 30 day trial

Phone Manager can help businesses of all sizes keep pace with customers and deliver an exceptional call experience.

We’ve been busy road-testing the brand new Phone Manager solution from Mitel and we’re pretty excited about it. New features such as call recording and call reporting have been introduced, making it a brilliant solution for any business which is focussed on improving their customers’ experience.

Smart solutions like these aren’t just designed for call centres. If your business or team is keen to measure the quantity and quality of calls, with a goal to improve the quality or to drive the volume, we recommend taking advantage of this free trial.

Phone Manager simplifies communication and acts as a dashboard to all your phone activity. The introduction of softphones delivers an in office experience for mobile workers and makes hot desking slick – users can answer internal calls, easily connect with colleagues and rely on presence and contact information, no matter where they are.

It’s simple to use, boosts productivity and improves the quality of service your customers receive when they call your business.

  • Simplified call transfers – simplified call transfers between departments improves the customer experience.
  • Call reporting – super sharp stats including call volumes and wait times can highlight how where improvements are needed. Wallboards create visibility and drive activity.
  • Presence – clear visibility of users’ presence makes it easier to find answers to customer queries quickly.
  • Call recording – improve the quality of customer conversations through call coaching and attach audio files to the relevant account in your CRM.
  • Call centres – users can control which hunt group the are logged into, making overflow a piece of cake. Users can be presented with information about the customer who is calling, allowing them to answer the phone in a specific way. Automated outbound calling through the introduction of campaign manager takes you a step further; outgoing calls can be automatically activated when agents are available, turbo boosting productivity.

We’re offering a free 30 day trial to a select number of our customers. We’d love to find out more about your business and can advise how Phone Manager can be used to help you achieve your goals. Get in touch today to see if you qualify.

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